Nightcrawlers #1 Signed and/or Remarked by E.M Gist

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***Nightcrawlers #1 Variant Signed and/or Remarked 
 by E.M Gist*** 

Get the first Signed copies of this gorgeous cover by E.M Gist 
- Ungraded 
- Signed Guaranteed CGC SS 9.8
- Remarked Guaranteed CGC SS 9.6 or Better
(W) Si Spurrier (A) Paco Medina (CA) E.M Gist
Ten years into a twisted future, MR SINISTER unleashes his private army of assassins: THE LEGION OF THE NIGHT. Meet WAGNERINE, commanding this killer crew of brainwashed hybrids, each one a genetic mix of NIGHTCRAWLER and another one of Marvel's most murderous mutants! Mysterious forces seek to break Sinister's control over these fatal fanatics - to turn them AGAINST HIM. But who are they? And what are their true motives...? Enter MOTHER RIGHTEOUS... and a meeting of the most powerful players in the Universe...


Rekeases 2/15 signing takes place 3/1